Why you should learn to play an instrument (or to sing)

Why you should learn to play an instrument (or to sing)

First of all, it’s fun!  Making music, especially with other people, is one of the most enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial activities imaginable.  The more you do it and the better you get at it, the more pleasure you will get out of it – for the rest of your life!

It has been proved, time and time again, that musical activities offer immense educational benefits.  Children who are actively involved in music develop greater concentration, self-discipline, attention span, confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, mental agility, physical coordination, team-work, sense of responsibility to and respect for others, etc., etc.  Music helps with reading, it helps with maths, it helps with languages – in fact, it has been proved that musically active children outperform others in just about every aspect of their education.  (Articles on this subject will be posted regularly on our Facebook page.)

Not only that – music-making is a great social activity.  Playing in orchestras and ensembles and singing in choirs are superb ways to meet people and make new friends, especially if you move to a new school, or when you go to college or university, or move to a new place later in life.  It also opens the door to countless opportunities for travel and to visit amazing places.

Let’s remember, it’s not just the process of learning to play (or to sing) that brings all these benefits and advantages.  Learning to play is just a skill (albeit a fairly complex one) and a means to an end.  The real benefits and advantages come when you reach a standard that enables you to play with others and to enjoy being part of a musical “experience”.

Countless adults will tell you how much they regret that they never had a chance to learn to play – or that they gave up far too soon and never managed to reach a decent standard.  Don’t become one of those!  Everybody is capable of reaching a level at which playing or singing with others can provide a lifetime of joyful, meaningful and emotionally rewarding experiences!